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5/17/05 10:09 am

Marietta's still in the hospital wing. Still haven't seen her. I miss her so I shouldn't feel guilty being busy. Impatient and waiting for Dumbeldore's permission.

Tracey came down and helped me in the common room. She's claustrophobic or dramatic. Either way I forbid collapsing in my presence.

Haven't seen Blaise since we fought. I should apologise. Not now. Don't want to.

Hufflepuff won. I'm not congratulating anyone.

Peach, I heard you're defying orders in the hospital. I'm surprised. (sarcasm, Marietta). Stop.

Anthony - she really listens to no one.

5/15/05 02:32 am

Nothing compares to this. Second place: that one time I thought I lost Scarlet, but she was merely hiding in the closet, so that doesn't count. I'm not sure what to think. I don't even know how I feel sometimes, but I know she's awake.

5/13/05 02:49 am - Italics visible to Marietta

What the hell is going on? I'm not even sure I want to know - so long as you and your family are safe. Are you? Are they?

I've been trying to distract the younger students by hosting Wizard's Chess tournaments. So far, so good. But eventually I'm going to pass out from exhaustion. A very disturbed third and second year misinterpreted 'tournament' for 'marathon' and seem too terrifed to sleep, anyway. You'd think we'd all be used to it by now. At least I know where they are, what they're doing, and who's winning. Well, I forgot who was winning, really. But it doesn't matter.

It's going to be a long night.

5/9/05 03:55 am


As Head Boy, I advise all students to refrain from slander. It will impair our inter-house unity if it continues. I'd hate to watch what we've worked for unravel at the end of the year. Hold out for a few more weeks.

[private to Marietta]
How's that sound?

Slytherin Quidditch team: Next practise, bring an extra shoelace. Don't ask. Can someone remind Crabbe and Goyle? Write SHOELACE on their foreheads? Doesn't matter, so long as they remember.

4/24/05 03:03 am - Private to male students

I believe my GIRLFRIEND just hinted at doing me. She wants me to replace her studying. This is amazing. Almost as thrilling as the prospect of winning the Cup, which, I might add, we've sealed.

Don't get me wrong, I've shagged hundreds of times. With hundreds of girls women. But how should I go about this? To make this time special, of course. Since it is my our first time.

3/23/05 01:26 am

All system failure? Hit ESC.

Escaped the ESC, yes!

It is working.

In case any of you maggots were wondering, my flop-top was temporarily disabled. I found it stashed underneath my bed, covered in pumpkin juice, doughnut crumbs, and saliva. I hope that was saliva.

Who used my flop-top as a meal plate? Crabbe? Goyle?

Scarlet says sd;jagiiiiiiinssaviiayw3tsdg.

P.S. My birthday was Saturday.

2/15/05 10:59 pm

Now that Valentine's is over, we can focus on the more important things in life. Don't get me wrong, certain parts of Valentine's Day were quite rewarding, if you know what I mean. The candy, for one. What were you thinking? I don't want to know.

Quidditch practise tomorrow. Crabbe, remember to wear socks. Clean socks. And no, you can't share socks with Goyle. They need to be your own.

[private to Marietta]
Did you like your gifts? Zeus is alive, so I imagine they weren't that bad.

1/27/05 05:48 pm

I don't think Marietta and I are on speaking terms right now. I can't help that we had to destroy Ravenclaw; I can't help that we're just that good. Yes, you read me correctly, MAGGOTS.

We're just that good.

[private to Marietta]
Are you pregnant?

I know we haven't done anything to necessarily spawn, but if you are having my child, I think you should tell me. I have already picked out some names, but I would need a good couple days to narrow them down.

Either that, or she's ignoring me for fun again. I haven't seen her in eight hours.

Where are you, peach?

1/2/05 03:52 am - Hexed against Death Eaters and Hogwarts Staff

Can't sleep. I've rested more this break than I have the entirety of the school year. Is anyone else awake? Wait, before you answer, I've changed my mind. Let's consider this a rhetorical question. Because chances are I don't care. Trust me on this one. If you happen to be up, I'm sure you feel my pain. You may do so silently. Or maybe you're pissed and pretending you're a double amputee, which, in turn, makes the cha-cha very difficult, let me tell you. The knee cha-cha is an art. More on this later.

Had to finish up a NEWT assignment for Moody. That man is.. er, insane. I'm not sure he should be teaching. Constant vigilance? Not sure what that means, but it sounds ridiculous. Know what else sounds ridiculous? Hippopotamus.

I almost wish I was back at Hogwarts right now. Almost.

So, Zach, wicked party, mate. Er, if you find a table lamp conspicuously placed on the floor next to the big couch in your family room, you might not want to move it.

I swear it's all Blaise's fault. Honestly, Zabini, fess up. It's not polite to kick a hole in someone's wall if you don't intend on fixing it before you leave.

[private to Marietta]
You still have my mark on your neck? Oh, I hope so. Don't kill me.

12/22/04 06:22 pm - Christmas time.

Gabe's spoiled. He's constantly whining. I guess it works for him; he's a kid, and they get away with everything. His list is too long this year, but I may get him something that he hasn't even thought of. I think gifts are better when you don't know what they are, anyway. Er, I have to watch what I'm typing. It was much easier when he couldn't read. With Scarlet, there's no worries. Except when she gnaws on the ends of tables or when we find her chomping on woodchips, or Gabriel. But he probably deserves it half of the time. She'll probably be an environmentalist or a mediwizard. Maybe both. I could see her as a seeker.

Scarlet'll be four in January, and it's hard to believe. She finally has hair. I mean, she had it when she was born, but then it all fell out for some reason. It's long now. And, surprisingly, light. I don't know why. I think it's getting darker. Mum says it's strawberry blonde, but I can't really see it.

Er, Gabe wants me to play some board game with him. This'll be the fifth time today. At least it shuts him up.

[private to Marietta Edgecombe]
I got you a present. I think you told me not to, but I never listen to you anyway. Don't kill me, all right? You'll like it, I promise. Have a nice holiday, maggot.
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